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The Cookie Tree

We wanted to do something more.DSC_8087

This was the driving force behind two friends decision to make better cookies than what they tasted from other bakeries. So with a couple of bucks and a dream, they opened the Cookie Tree in Yuba City, California. That was December of 1981. Jump ahead to today and you’ll find yourself in a deluxe 2,500 square foot store with more than 25 employees creating some of the best cookies you’ll ever experience.

Cookies are their thing (it is in the name), but trying to give their customers something new to try is their true passion. In fact, some of their most-loved products happened by a simple Ooops. But it’s no accident that the Cookie Tree is a favorite stop DSC_7936for locals and folks who “heard about it” and had to stop in to try.

“Our relationship with Robb Ross is absolutely great. From the salesmen to the drivers we love you guys!” ~ Sue Smith

Photos by: Diane Tjerrild

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