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About Us

It’s a family thing.

Robb Ross Foods has been a family-run bakery d istributor business since 1950 when George Robertson and his two sons opened the doors after their return home from World War II. Back then it was salad oil and margarine that kept us busy, but our services evolved over time to capture the strength of the San Joaquin Valley and embody the strong values held by the families that call the Valley home.

The bakery business boomed through the 50s and 60s on the marketing expertise of Ed Norcross. As the 70s flourished, Ed’s sons, Steve and Everett, joined their father to help turn Robb Ross Foods into the largest bakery supplier in the Central California area. Now they are looking to their sons, Eric and Ryan, to build on their success for generations to come.

Every person at Robb Ross Foods represents these core values: integrity, commitment and loyalty. We realize that any company can say this, but not many companies can deliver. We work hard on a day-to-day basis to find every opportunity to support those ideals for each of our customers. They will hear them when we answer the phone, they will see them when we unload each pallet and they will recognize them every time their customers smile.

This is our home and you are part of the family.

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