Red Velvet Cake (and icing)

Ingredient                  Lbs         Oz       

Granulated sugar                      5                3

Salt                                                                 3

Cake shortening                        3

Cream together 3-4 minutes on 2nd speed

Whole eggs                                 3

Vinegar                                                           6

Cocoa powder                                            12

Mix vinegar and cocoa together to form a paste, add to mixer and incorporate, add eggs and scrape down bowl. Mix for three minutes on 2nd speed.

Buttermilk                                   6

Red color         (liquid)                                8

Vanilla                                                           2

Cake flour                                4

Baking soda                                                4

Baking powder                                            2

Mix milk, color and vanilla together. Mix flour, soda and powder together. Add to bowl in six parts liquid then dry liquid then liquid, etc. Then mix for two minutes on 1st speed.


  • 20 qt mixer and paddle
  • Bake at 350


Ingredient                 Lbs      Oz

Powdered sugar                       8

Cream cheese                          4

High-ratio shortening (or butter)                4

Salt                                                             2

Vanilla                                                        1

Mix one minute on 1st speed then 8-9 minutes on 2nd speed

Evaporated milk                                      14

Add milk to incorporate then mix for 8-9 minutes on 2nd speed


  • 20 qt mixer and paddle

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