Guava Horn Danish

Step 1: Roll out a 1/3 piece Danish

Step 2: Roll it between 17″-21″ wide and 1/4″-3/8″ thick

Step 3: Spread Guava filling evenly over dough (not to thick)

Step 4: Fold dough over (width) 1/4 from the top then 1/4 from the bottom (see photo 22)

Guava Horn Danish 022


Step 5: Then wash one side of the dough and fold over.

Step 6: Cut the folded dough to 4 oz pieces using a scale(see photo 23)

Guava Horn Danish 023


Step 7: After the dough is cut, place on a pan of streusel before placing them on baking pan (see photo 24)

Guava Horn Danish 024


Step 8: Place the Guava horn in the proof box till ready for baking

Note: Freeze the dough you are not going to use.

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