Traditional Danish

Step 1: Place dough on a floured sheet pan and chill for 30 minutes

Step 2: Roll dough out on the bench (length 38″-45″ width 20″-24″)

Step 3: Use a 25% roll in

  • the dough weight is 12#
  • roll in weight is 3#

Step 4: Divide the roll into two parts

Step 5: Place one part of the roll in the center of the rolled out dough and spread evenly in the center (see photo 3)

Traditional Danish 003


Step 6: Now fold dough over the roll (see photo 4)

Traditional  Danish 004


Step 7: Spread rest of the roll evenly over the fold and fold the dough over the roll in

Step 8: Repeat this roll in procedure 3 times letting the dough rest for 30 minutes between rolls.

Step 9: The Danish sheet should be formed to the sheet pan (see photo 7)

Traditional Danish 007


Step 10: Chill for one hour and make up the Danish or freeze dough for later use

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