Sugar-egg Molding

Fine granulated sugar                          6 lb.

Water                                                        2 oz.




Fine granulated sugar                          5 lb.

Egg white                                                2 oz.


 Place sugar in mixing bowl, mix sugar so there are no lumps. Make a well with sugar and add the liquid. Rub mixture with hands and knead for about a minute – or until it packs like wet sand. Be sure there are no lumps. KEEP COVERED WITH WET TOWEL until you are ready to use. Dust mold with corn starch to prevent sticking. Pack sugar into mold, press firmly with heel of hand. Scrape off excess sugar with a spatula. Unmold at once by inverting on a cardboard circle. To loosen tap mold with a spatula and lift mold carefully off. Allow to dry for 3-4 hours. When dry turn molded sugar over and carefully hold in the palm of your hand. DO NOT squeeze or move molded sugar while in your hand or it may crack. Use a spoon to mark ¼ inch thick shell on the inside rim. Gently scoop out remaining soft sugar. Smooth inside edges with your fingers. Place molded sugar open side up and let dry for 24 hours.


Use water recipe for smaller molding.

Use egg recipe for large molding because it sets harder.

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