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George’s Corner

George's Corner

Robb Ross Foods is happy to introduce you to one of our newest innovations … George’s Corner. For more than 30 years, George has been merging his technical expertise with creative flair to help our customers create products that make their customers say, “Wow!” Paired with his behind-the-scenes know how, George has all of the tips and tricks to make your bakery stand out and potentially be more profitable.

That’s why we created this section. To give you one of the best resources to keep coming back to when you have questions. From taking a simple recipe and making it unique to improving your seasonal decoration catalog, George’s Corner is the place for you. Check back often to see what new tips have been added.

Get started by clicking on any of the links on the left. If you’d like to schedule a technical visit from George, please call our Main Office toll free at 1.800.365.4272.

George Plasencia Jr.
Robb Ross Foods, Inc.
Bakery Technician

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