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Valentine Cut-out Cookie

Butter Cookies Recipe

Paddle                                               5qt mixer                          20qt mixer

Butter (Unsalted)                               12oz                                        3#

Shortening                                            6oz                                     1½#

Powder Sugar                                   14oz                                      3½#

Mix on high speed for 7-10 minutes

Egg Whites                                          4oz                                          1#

Evaporated Milk                                  5oz                                         1# 3oz

Flavors: butter, vanilla, salt, color

Warm all liquids, add slowly until incorporated. Mix on high speed for 7-10 minutes

Cake Flour                                            14oz                                          3½#

Bread Flour                                           6oz                                            1½#

Pastry Flour 6oz 1½#

Fold in flour or rock in slowly to incorporate

Bake at 350* 12-15 minutes


For Chocolate butter cookies: use cocoa powder to flavor or color

For Mocha butter cookies: use instant coffee and make it thick

Valentine Butter Cookie Variations

Consider some of the below items when making new selections to sell:

  • Sandwich cookie together with a nice Fruit Fillings, Inc. Raspberry Jam, Strawberry, Apricot or Fudge Icing
  • Use Guitard Chocolate ( Patisserie coating & Vanilla Apeels) for an unique flavor
  • Dip cookie in coconut macaroon, Decoratifs and Non-perils to add more contrast to your display

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